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Customer Testimonials

Alice Picchi

” Happy Hour Yoga is my favorite! Nancy, the owner, is a wonderful human and still teaches classes herself, along with many other teachers who are also amazing. This place is beautiful, super clean, and friendly with all sorts of yoga, Pilates, and fitness classes. My… Continue Reading “Alice Picchi”

Katie Clark-Keene

“After 3 babies and 3 c-sections, I felt very disconnected for my body for a few years…I am very grateful to have stumbled upon Happy Hour. I am rebuilding my physical, mental and emotional strength in a warm, welcoming studio with a peaceful communal… Continue Reading “Katie Clark-Keene”

Mandy S.

Fantastic yoga studio. The teachers are very nice and for the first time in years I finally feel like I have found the perfect yoga studio. I highly recommend Happy Hour Yoga. I have never had more fun in a yoga class.

Carolyn B.

I absolutely love this place! It has classes for everybody, at every level. I’ve been going to this studio for years and now the yoga space is calm, peaceful and in itself perfect. It’s truly for yogis, pilates, and those that fall somewhere in… Continue Reading “Carolyn B.”

Anna K.

Great yoga and Pilates studio. The teachers are very friendly and well educated.  You can find yoga for beginners as well as challenging classes for those who are more advanced. The place is very cozy and well equipped. You feel like you are always… Continue Reading “Anna K.”

Kerrie J.

I love this studio! It is very clean and inviting… not like a typical gym, and they offer a wide range of classes other than Yoga. I love the convenience of reserving my spot with the app. And I also like that I don’t… Continue Reading “Kerrie J.”

Mary S.

From the minute you enter the doors of Happy Hour, your mood is elevated with the warm, beautiful, calm surroundings.  The Sunday Morning class with Nancy Carroll Meyers is amazing, full of laughs and love. All levels can participate with ease, yet a bit… Continue Reading “Mary S.”

Adrienne M.

I love Happy Hour Yoga. As a mom of two kids under 3 years old Happy Hour is my go to place when I need to recenter my life, get some balance, and some loving kindness. Nancy the owner is doing some really awesome… Continue Reading “Adrienne M.”

Kara B.

I love the feeling I get from just waking in the door at Happy Hour Yoga/Pilates. The atmosphere and decor Instantly relaxes me. The instructors and owner Nancy are very welcoming. Being somewhat newer to Pilates I really appreciate the instructor Vicki being so… Continue Reading “Kara B.”

Cindy B.

I cannot say enough about Happy Hour Yoga! “H.A.P.P.Y” (Healing And Peaceful Pilates And Yoga) Aptly named! The studio is  beautiful. From the moment you enter, you can feel all your daily stress simply drift away! Each and every instructor I’ve been blessed to… Continue Reading “Cindy B.”