Bringing yoga teachers together to inspire one another, reignite passion and spark excitement.

Here’s what you’ll get as an Ember:

  • Connect with other like-hearted yoga teachers.
  • Receive daily sparks to use in your classes or for self-reflection.
  • Give and receive support and encouragement.
  • Celebrate your wins, discoveries, and breakthroughs.
  • Guest speakers on practical topics.
  • In-person and virtual meetings.
  • Discounts on annual retreats.
  • Fresh ideas and themes for your yoga classes.
  • Group activities and planned outings.
  • New friendships.
  • Opportunities to showcase your yoga studio.
  • Community platform to ask questions and share ideas.

Sparks are something you’ll receive daily in the Embers Community platform. Use Sparks to inspire your creativity in your yoga classes or in your daily self-reflection.


…and from that ember, we rebuild the fire. Only thing that’s important is that ember. That’s what you and I are here to celebrate…

-Jon Hopkins “Sit Around The Fire”

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