Pricing & Purchasing

Apparatus Classes


Apparatus Classes Pricing
Monthly Unlimited Group and Apparatus Classes for $255
1 class $30
5 classes $120
10 classes $230

Yoga/Group Classes

Group/Yoga Classes Pricing
Monthly Unlimited Group Classes for $140
1 Class $20

5 Classes $85
10 Classes $155

New Client Packages

Choose ONE of the following
Once you use one of these packages, you are no longer a new client:
5 yoga/group classes for $60
5 apparatus classes for $120

Annual/Semi-Annual Packages

Paid in full at time of purchase
1 year apparatus (includes ALL classes except workshops) $2400

1 year yoga/group $1275

Private Classes

Pilates or Yoga – $80 Single Session

Happy Hour at Home

During Covid we started a Facebook based virtual studio; a private Facebook group called Happy Hour at Home. We have hundreds of videos from previously live streamed classes! Classes include several different varieties of yoga and barre. It’s great if you travel and want to get a workout in or if you can’t make it into the studio. An active Facebook account is required to join. Visit our online store and select “HAPPY HOUR AT HOME”. Once you have purchased the lifetime subscription, search for our “Happy Hour at Home” Facebook group and you’ll be allowed access to the group.

Lifetime membership – $40

We gladly accept Cash, Check, Visa, and MasterCard.

At Happy Hour Yoga we value your business. Please note that all sales are final. Purchases are non-transferable and non-refundable. If you purchase a Package or Monthly Unlimited, please be aware of expiration dates as these will not be extended or changed. Cancellation policy is 12 hours notice. If notice is not given within that window you will lose your scheduled class from your package or if you are on a Monthly Unlimited, your credit card on file will be charged the price of the missed class.

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