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DJ TAZ is coming to your living room!!! For free!! It’s a yoga class taught by Tara Michelini, Jennifer (Frisby) Stanko and Nancy Meyers… with DJ Taz playing his music… on ZOOM!! Grab your air pods, ear buds, headphones….anything for the MUSIC! It’s going to be so much fun on a Thursday night! Taz plays THE BEST music for any yoga class! You don’t want to miss it. And since it’s free, it could fill up fast! Don’t wait to sign up!! We can’t wait…SEE you on Zoom!

Register (for free) in order to receive a link to the zoom meeting! See you Thursday, the 10th….at 6:00.

(We will have Yoga Nidra via Zoom at 7:30 pm as well. See the schedule for info! Nidra in your bed! Wow!)

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