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Sunday, March 6th at 7:15 pm . Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation…it simply means “yogic sleep.” You relax on your mat and listen to a four-step guided meditation. It is complete relaxation and bliss. Some say an hour of Nidra is equivalent to three hours of sleep. People who have experienced it, often tell me they have never slept better than after Yoga Nidra.  You’ll wear a set of headphones and hear nothing but quiet relaxing music/tones, and a guided meditation. The room will be filled with ambient lighting, candles, the smell of lavender. We have blankets, bolsters, towels and blocks. Wear your most comfortable clothing, bring a pillow and a blanket if you’d like; however, we provide everything you need. After the class, red wine and La Croix is offered. Don’t miss it!


Sunday March 20th at 6:00 pm. In this 90 minute workshop we will use yin yoga and crystal singing bowls to balance and cleanse the chakras.  Chakras are energy centers in the body, each having it’s own “job” to do.  You’ll learn about each chakra, one at a time, as we hold very relaxed yin poses for each specific chakra.  While holding the pose for the specific chakra, you will hear the sound for that chakra and learn about the function and purpose of each individual chakra. 

Did you know that if you’re feeling lazy or unmotivated it could be because your third chakra is blocked or unhealthy?  If you’re having trouble forgiving yourself or someone else, it may be that your heart chakra needs to open up.  If you have frequent headaches, your sixth chakra could use some work.  Learn more about each chakra, hold poses to open your chakras, and use the power of sound to help heal and nourish each chakra!

This workshop will help restore your mind, body and spirit back to a state of balance.  Crystal bowls emit vibrations that help calm our hearts, soothe our nervous systems, and harmonize and balance our chakras.

Join us for this one of a kind workshop that will boost your energy, soothe your anxiety, and help you feel at peace.

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