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Lots of us plan on working out more – there’s always a big jump in attendance in January.  I have a fun way to keep you going for three months!  Throughout January, keep track of the classes you attend – write them on the mirror (I can also track them on my end).  If you come to 20 classes in January, you get a trophy!!  We’ll do the same in February!  If you earn two trophies, you get 20% off in March!  We’ll keep you motivated for three months!  So you’ll work out four times a week!  If you don’t have four days to work out, take two classes once a day!  For example, take Pilates and stay for yoga.  Or come to Just Yoga on Monday night and stay for Let Go (it’s a great combination). You can do this!!     We have added many classes to our weekend schedule! These are pop-up classes and workshops. You will see weekend schedules posted at the studio. And as always, you can use our app or go to the website to register. Most of these pop-up classes are regularly scheduled classes but please join us for our workshops too! Our January/February Pop Up Classes that you don’t normally see on a weekend include (regular class price): Jumpboard Combo, Orbit, Beginners Let Go, Beginners Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga for the Vagus Nerve. We hope you can join us!!

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