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Yoga Teacher Training with Eric Paskel

So this is happening!! Who’s on board!! This is absolutely life changing and it’s like NO OTHER training out there. Learn to teach yoga, learn the background and philosophy of yoga, and learn how to APPLY IT TO YOUR LIFE!! We are not just throwing information at you… We are showing you how to change your life with the information you learn! Reach out to me for info! 


Patty Lekewa will be at Happy Hour to give readings the last Saturday of each month. I have seen Patty three times, and each time I was amazed by the information I was given. She is truly amazing. You can make an appointment at the studio with Patty, the same way you would sign up for a class. You’ll see her available times on the schedule and you simply sign up if that space is available. The appointment at the studio costs $20. Patty can be booked for an hour reading or a 45 minute reading for approximately $200.  You will pay Patty directly at your appointment, through Zelle, or with cash only. Once making your appointment, you’ll receive instructions on how to prepare for your personal reading. Only one person is allowed with Patty at a time.  Learn More | Visit Her Website | Sign Up Now!

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