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Another one-of-a-kind yin yoga experience that you won’t find anywhere else! “Yinimmersion” Monday March 9th at 7:30 join us for a Let Go yoga class with headphones! You’ll be fully immersed in the relaxing music, and each pose will be a meditation using mantras. Relax, rejuvenate, let go and get “better and better” with each montra motivated pose. Limited space is available so register soon!

Sunday March 15th at 7:15 PM. Experience a yoga Nidra like no other. Yoga Nidra “ Medammersion “ is a guided meditation. Come dressed comfortably, bring a pillow if you choose. With the use of our headphones you will only hear the speaking of the instructor over a soundtrack of binaural beats. Come and you will have escaped…even if for just an hour. LIMITED space is available so please register in advance.

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