Come see us at 1500 Carlemont Dr., Ste B, Crystal Lake 

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We hope you’ll stop in soon to see our beautiful studio and meet our wonderful instructors.  You will feel right at home on your first visit.  We offer a variety of classes, including yoga AND pilates (the perfect combination), Xtend barre, TRX, Orbit and more.  Check out our class schedule to view the entire list of classes and times.  We hope to see you soon!

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Join us on Friday for our first “Happy Hour Yoga” class. We’ll meet at Fetzner Park (or in the studio) for a 50 minute flow class followed by a glass of wine. See you there at 5:00 pm. It’s the price of a regular class. Just sign up!

FREE beginners classes!

Join Michelle on Saturday for FREE beginners yoga at 11:00 am! Join Jen on Sunday for FREE beginners pilates at 12:30 pm. If you know someone who wants to try yoga or pilates for the first time, let them know!!

Our new class, 10,000 Steps, is on Saturday at 9:00 am. Join Gloriann and find out what all the rave is about! It’s a new favorite at the studio and there are a few spots open!

Nancy will be teaching an arm balance workshop on Sunday at 11:00 am! Crow, Grasshopper, Dragonfly, Flying Pigeon, 8 Angle and more! Don’t be scared to try! It’s fun!

Nancy 🙂

Private Beginners Yoga Group

We just finished our first every BEGINNERS YOGA MONTH! And it was so awesome, we’re doing it again! Five days a week, for one month, you’ll get a yoga “lesson” in your home, through a private facebook group! You’ll learn about creating a space in your house to practice, meditation, yoga poses and flows, the breakdown of a yoga class, the different types of yoga, and more. You’ll slowly start to take yoga classes, starting with short 30 minute classes, and working your way up. You can watch the “lessons” live, or go back and watch them later if you missed them. The videos stay on the page, and YOU stay in the group long past the February finish line, so if you want to take the process a little slower, you can! This is the perfect way to start doing yoga! We had a few experienced yogis enter the group as well, and they all said they learned a lot and were very happy they took it! I’m really proud of thisformat and encourage you to introduce it to your friends who keep saying they’ve always wanted to try yoga. Request to join our private Facebook group here. http://www.facebook.com/pilatesandyoga/

“I’m loving it. I’ve already learned new ways to modify that I didn’t know before. I think the conversation and explanation before we practice is really good. I’m most impressed and always have been, regarding the way you let everyone of us know that we are all different, all at different places in what our bodies can do or not do and may never do because of the way we are put together. We are each unique.”

“I have really enjoyed the beginner yoga format and have learned so much.  It is hard to keep up every day and I’m bummed that I haven’t made it to a live stream yet, but I am keeping track of where I’m at and plan to do them all even if it takes me 1 ½ months.  I love the meditation as well and have been trying hard to do that regularly.  Great program, thank you for all your support!”

Beginners Yoga At Home

Happy Hour At Home

Are the latest Covid restrictions keeping you out of the studio? Maybe It’s just a busy time of year and your schedule doesn’t mesh with any of the virtual class schedules that are being offered. A Happy Hour at Home package allows you access 500 pre recorded classes!! With New Live classes added everyday!! AND… THEY DON’T GO AWAY!!! So if 6:30 doesn’t work for you, rewind the live class and take the class at 6:40 or 7:15…or whenever you’re free! It’s a great idea for a gift!

Ask us how to join our virtual studio community! Happy Hour At Home. Check out our Facebookpage for information on how to join these classes. http://www.facebook.com/pilatesandyoga/

Happy Hour At Home Private Facebook Group