Nancy Meyers – Owner/Yoga Teacher

Shortly after my son was born in 2005 I started taking yoga classes and I loved it! I saw and felt changes immediately! I took Lifepower yoga teacher training (Johnny Kest) in 2013 only to deepen my practice; however, once I was certified, I decided to teach! I really enjoy teaching ~ I try to make it fun and add a little humor when I can. In 2016 I attended another teacher training in Costa Rica with Eric and Caren Paskel. I have taught Yoga Teacher Training myself and loved the experience of teaching others how to teach yoga. Yoga has truly changed my life.


“Nancy really puts you at ease with her wonderful sense of humor. She has an amazing balance in her practice between light-hearted fun and deep soul searching. I love that I can go to her class and she has me laughing one minute and then she is bringing up thought provoking quotes and stories that helps me to more aware of how we carry ourselves through this life. I really enjoy her as a teacher. She is wonderful!”  (warm slow and let go)

“One of my favorite classes with an amazing lady! I wish everyone would try this just once! Even one day a week is a game changer re: flexibility, relief of painful muscles and joints and has taught me to slow down and deal with discomfort on many levels. It’s become essential to me.”  (let go)

Angie Hasse – Pilates

I began as a client of Julie Williams’, the previous owner of Happy Hour Yoga (Body and Mind Pilates Plus) in March 2006 and the Pilates Method quickly became my love and passion. I began training under Julie in May 2008. Currently, I am Fully Certified in Mat Pilates through Pilates Institute of America (PIA). I have completed my  full apparatus training in preparation for Full Certification through Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). Additionally, I am a certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant through the American Fitness Professionals and Associates. I have personally experienced the hardships and challenges which come with losing weight, and it excites me to now help others experience the joy of becoming a healthy person.

Angie teaches on Saturday mornings and Monday nights and has consistently been the studio’s “top performing staff member” throughout 2018.  She is one of the very first instructors at the studio, and is very loved by all her clients!


“Angie makes you sweat!  She is great at introducing each move AND modifications as well as not making me feel stupid for mixing or messing up the choreography ”  (kickboxing)

“Angie always delivers a “kick your butt” workout. Her cues and direction are excellent! Her energy and drive motivate me to push farther.”  (reformer)

Bonnie Beck – Pilates/Orbit

I have always enjoyed going to the gym and working out, but as I was getting older and starting to see some changes within my body I decided to go to a nutritionist and start a more personal training program. Reading and hearing so many positive things about pilates I started training at a studio in Crystal Lake. I LOVED IT! And continued taking classes at least five days a week. In 2008 I decided to begin my training to learn to teach pilates. I got certified for mat and reformer pilates with June Kahn. I also changed studios and came to Body and Mind Pilates (now Happy Hour Yoga). There I continued learning, as I started training with the owner, Julie, on all the apparatus pieces. I now continue to build on my trainings with other certifications like piloxing, zumba, and yoga. I am working towards my hours to take the Pilates Method Alliance certification. Pilates has truly changed my life, I love every minute that I can learn and help others learn.

Bonnie teaches on Sunday mornings, and Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  She has been at the studio for many years!


“Bonnie works me hard and I appreciate every minute.”  Body toning ball

“Fantastic. Bonnie is absolutely wonderful!”  (reformer)

“Bonnie really knows what she is doing and meets the needs of her clients.”  (reformer)

Michelle Bathauer  – Yoga

I’ve been practicing Yoga on and off since 2002.  After realizing how much better yoga made me feel not only physically, but mentally and emotionally—I decided I wanted to share it.  After receiving my 200 Hour RYT in 2011 from LifePower Yoga, I was able to begin my teaching journey.  I love leading classes that are designed for everybody and Every Body, as well as making practice fun and light.  Allowing students to have an authentic, unique, and non-judgmental space to practice is the core of my teaching.

Michelle was the first person to introduce yoga to the once pilates-only studio.  She teaches on Saturday mornings, and has for many years!


“Josh and I so enjoyed your last class we came back for more! You’re an awesome instructor with really excellent cueing.  Blessed in you Michelle! Thank you so much for the 75 minute vacation from life! . Xoxo”  (Warm Slow and Let Go)

“Excellent cues and positive message. Instructor gave different options for different levels, which I appreciate.”  (Warm Slow)

Vicki Marchese – Pilates

Vicki teaches most weekday mornings, and loves adding lots of variety to her classes.

I began doing Pilates after my first son was born in 2006.  I quickly grew to LOVE Pilates as I saw how I got my figure back after having a baby. Pilates grew to become a part of my weekly routine.  I started Pilates with Julie in 2008 and loved being a part of the BMPP family. I have always loved to exercise. Running, Yoga and strength training have always been a part of my daily routine. I previously owned Brodhead Health and Fitness and taught many fitness classes there. I worked in health care for 20+ years and semi retired when I had my children.  I always knew I wanted to teach again someday.  In July of 2017 I found that to be the time and make that DREAM to teach come true. I want to teach others Pilates, what I have grown to love and appreciate. Currently, I am certified in reformer, tower, barrel and arc Pilates through Balanced Body. I am working towards my comprehensive Pilates instructor training and hope to have that completed by the end of this year 2017. Additionally, I live in Crystal Lake with my husband Joe and we have 2 boys Alex 11 and Nicholas 9.  Family is everything to me and adding Pilates and yoga to my day helps to keep a well balanced life style.


“Excellent cues, class flow, and offering options for a harder workout. Great class!!”  (Reformer)

“Excellent cues and flow.  Instructor had different exercises, and “wow” was I sore for a couple of days after that.  Thank you!”  (Reformer )

“Love Ms. Viki, she is very calming and understanding. She makes me feel comfortable and appreciated for whatever level I am able to exercise in her class.”  (Tower)

Tara Michelini – Yoga sub

Tara has been practicing yoga and incorporating its philosophy into her  life since 2004.  In the spring of 2011, she received her 200-hour teacher training through LifePower Yoga.  Since then, she has taught a variety of yoga styles, including Hatha, Vinyassa, Hot, Yin, Power and Sculpt.  She teaches both group and private classes.  She is  passionate about continuing her education and deepening her knowledge of yoga.  She feels blessed to have the opportunity to teach so many styles of yoga and to help students to grow physically, mentally and spiritually as they embark on their own personal journeys.  

“My favorite part of yoga is knowing that wherever I am, I can take a class, meet wonderful people and surround myself with a tribe of like-minded people.  The yoga community is one of love, acceptance and understanding, and for this, I am eternally grateful!”

Tara teaches on Wednesday evenings, with a unique sense of calm and peace.


“Wow! Great workout. Namaste.”  (Fast Yoga)

“Tara, Thank you SO much for today! You are a blessing to me and so many others! Awesome class and boy did I need the yin/let go afterwards! I’ll see you tomorrow!!! Xox”  (Warm Slow and Let Go)

Jennifer Glockner – Pilates and Orbit

Jennifer began teaching Orbit at Happy Hour Yoga in 2017, after being a long time client at the studio.  A short time later she was certified as a pilates teacher, teaching the reformer.  Later in the year the studio started their one and only Let Go More class, which is stretching on the reformer.  You won’t find this class at any other studio.  Very deep stretches, while bringing the awareness to the breath, incorporating yin yoga with the pilates reformer.

Jen teaches on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday afternoon and evening, and again on Friday afternoons.  You’ll love her soft, caring, friendly approach to teaching her classes.


“It’s a workout! Don’t be intimated by it if you haven’t tried it; Jennifer is warm and welcoming to all (levels) ”  (orbit)

“My new favorite class!  Instructor had very good cues.”  (orbit)

“Love Jennifer’s Tuesday reformer class!”  (Reformer)

Mary Gustafson – Yoga 

Mary began teaching Let Go (yin yoga) at the studio in 2018 after many years of practice.  You will love her words of wisdom, her weighted blanket and the wealth of knowledge she has after her travels to Sri Lanka, and her biography about Bhante Sujatha, a Buddhist monk.

Mary teaches every Tuesday night.  She is one of a kind and adds such wisdom and insight to all her classes.


“I have been having a rough few days…Mary’s soothing voice and things to think about really help melt it all away.  Bravo on your first class.”   (let go)

“Mary’s messages throughout class are very inspiring.  I left feeling very relaxed.”  (let go)

“Mary was awesome!  Such a relaxing and restorative class,especially late at night.”  (let go)

Savannah Lincoln – Yoga

Happy Hour was my first experience with yoga back in 2019 when finding a studio to practice at regularly was my New Year’s resolution. I fell in love with the practice and the community of amazing people that surrounds yoga as a whole. It was one Saturday morning class with Michelle that I felt the call to get certified and teach this amazing practice to others. I got my 200 hour certification that Fall at Melt Pilates and Hot Yoga in Algonquin. Since then I have taught a vinyasa style practice at Lincoln Farmstead in Huntley. Getting to share yoga with others is one of my greatest joys and truly something that has improved every aspect of my life, not just physically. It’s my hope that everyone who comes to my classes feels both challenged and empowered by the time they walk out.

Jackie Gomolski – Yoga 

Jackie started practicing yoga in 2007 as a way to maintain her strength and flexibility. She never expected it to slowly progress into a journey of self-love and discovery; looking for a way to deepen her practice, she completed her 200 hour YTT through LifePower Yoga. She creates a safe, non-judgemental space for students to move inward to find deeper meaning and inspiration.

Jackie’s approach to yoga remains balanced on breath and movement. Her classes offer creative sequencing, mindfulness, and personal connection. She is passionate about sharing this gift with her students to help them deepen their practice and grow both on and off the mat.


Gloriann Stangle – Barre

Gloriann teaches Barre and 10,000 steps at Happy Hour.

Diane Carpenter – Yoga 

Diane’s yoga journey began over 15 years ago when she became a student of yoga to improve flexibility and recover from intense workouts.  Her dedication to yoga practice deepened as she observed the effects of yoga on her daily life off the mat. She noticed how the practice of yoga created freedom in the body, mind and spirit, and opened pathways to love herself and others more deeply.

Diane is a board-certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, licensed Advanced Practice Nurse and has always been passionate about helping others achieve their highest level of wellness. Impacted by her personal yoga practice, Diane became a Registered Yoga Teacher in February 2017 to share yoga with others. As Diane’s interest in yoga and natural healing grew, she studied Ayurveda in 2019 and became a certified Ayurveda Yoga Specialist. Diane’s aspiration as a yoga teacher is to participate in the yoga journey with her students and support each student as they achieve their highest level of wellness and discover peace, happiness, and connection that the gift of yoga brings.

Tracy Izquierdo – Pilates

Tracy teaches Pilates at Happy Hour.

Michelle Stein – Mat Pilates/Circuit Class

I teach mat Pilates and Power Barre at Happy Hour. I have been an instructor since 2011 and have taught a variety of formats, including cycle, strength, core, and HIIT, in addition to Barre and mat Pilates. I am also an avid runner have and have done eight marathons, several half marathons, and more 5 and 10k races than I can count. When I’m not running races, I plan them with my other job as Events Manager for Girls on the Run of Northwest Illinois. I love how I feel when I’m at Happy Hour Yoga. The instructors and participants make it a truly special place to be.

Joanna Morse – Yoga

Joanna has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She joined the teacher training program at the Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center to deepen her knowledge of the yoga philosophy and the more advanced techniques in pranayama and meditation. She graduated from the program in 2012 and has been regularly teaching ever since. Joanna’s passion for her own practice both on and off the mat is grounded in the belief that we are all energetic and spiritual beings and that yoga helps us realize our full potential. She believes that life’s challenges are easier to deal with if we stay mindful of our inner landscape and learn to breathe deeply through life’s obstacles as they happen (with the occasional glass of wine in tow). Joanna loves to incorporate the elements of the yoga philosophy into her classes. She believes that yoga is a practice of longevity and she loves to share her experience by guiding her students through their practice in a safe and sustainable way.

Donna Collins – Pilates 

Donna teaches Pilates reformer at Happy Hour Yoga.

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