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Why Do Yoga?

I could cut and paste one of a million articles here…I even thought about it.  But you can just as easily Google it yourself, right?  But as the owner of Happy Hour, I’ll just give you my own personal opinion as I have had yoga in my life for almost 15 years.  It makes you better.  It improves your life.

It wasn’t like I was sitting in a black hole before I started doing yoga, staring into nothingness.  Things were not “gloom and doom” in any way at all.  The first time I did yoga I hated it.  The second time 23031571_1642061575846138_5851944877448591432_n(a year later) I kinda liked it.  And every time after that, I loved it!  I found something I loved, because I could see improvement each time I did it; not in the sense that I beat the last time I ran, or I increased the last weight I lifted…every single facet of it got better. One day I touched my toes.  One day I balanced the entire time in tree pose. One day I matched my movement with my breath through an entire round of sun salutations.  One day I jumped from down dog to a forward fold…I jumped…I didn’t step or walk…I floated!  Every week I accomplished something new, and every week I set another goal, like, “one day I’ll stand on my head!”  And one day, I stood on my head!  It was the only physical activity I LOOKED FORWARD to doing.  That had never happened to me.  And that was just the physical part.  I did not know what was sneaking up on me.

There were words I wanted to learn, “navasana,” “utkatasana,” “arda chandrasana.” There were sentences I wanted to figure out “You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.”  What in the world does that even mean?  There was a room full of people I liked and wanted to get to know better.  There were teachers with different styles and thoughts whom I wanted to take classes from.  It was just really cool.

And then I noticed that I started to change a little.  I became less judgmental, kinder, more confident, more patient, calmer, and more aware of the rest of the world, and how I’m connected to it.  I found more gratitude and more acceptance.  I was braver and more grounded and finally willing to try things that scared me.  Don’t get me wrong… I still lose my marbles from time to time, but I recognize it and I know it’s okay and I accept it.  I accept myself and the people around me.  I know that every day is a new day and a new beginning.  I know that when I’m in front of a class talking about all these wonderful life lessons, I’m talking to myself!  And I love that.

If you want to get physically STRONGer, more FLEXIBLE and have more BALANCE, you should absolutely do yoga!  If you want to have a STRONG, fearless will…a more FLEXIBLE and patient attitude, and find more BALANCE in your life, you should do yoga.  I have so much further to go in my physical practice and in my personal life, but I think yoga takes me in that direction every day.   “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.”  – Emile Coue

YOGA at Happy Hour Yoga


At Happy Hour Yoga we offer fast yoga, slow yoga, ashtanga, yoga sculpt, and let go yoga. Some classes are warm classes where we heat the room to approximately 85 degrees… because we think that’s hot enough.  To know more about each type, please click on the class name in our schedule.  There is something for everyone.  We also offer many, MANY workshops throughout the year;  yoga nidra, handstand workshops, silent yin, couples yoga, yoga for golfers, and on and on. 1510791525268


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