After 3 months of pilates and yoga, I’ve gained stillness, gratitude, flexibility and friends!

Did you practice with DJ Taz last week at Happy Hour at Home?  OMG I did.  His music was amazing!  Jen, Tara & Nancy were incredible.  I was home!  It was (almost) like being at the studio.  I have to admit that I did fall behind at one point but in my defense, my internet got wonky for a bit and everyone froze on my screen.  I refreshed and caught back up with everyone else.  It was a beautiful practice and even though I was alone in my room, it felt like I was right there beside everyone else in the class.   I am following DJ Taz on Spotify now and cannot wait until there’s another opportunity to listen to him in a yoga class.  Thank you Nancy for setting that up!  

After DJ Taz, I took Nancy’s Yoga Nidra class.  I had never tried Yoga Nidra before.  I loved it.  Nancy’s voice was so calming (but I did not doze off). I think that guided mediation is something that everyone needs and everyone should try.  If Nancy offers this class again, you should definitely sign up.  The holidays are super stressful and this year especially, everyone is a ball of nerves.  This practice would absolutely be beneficial to anyone.  

I also enjoyed Reformer and Bhakti which have definitely become favorites of mine.  I can’t really choose a favorite class at Happy Hour because I have loved every single one that I’ve taken.  Believe it or not, there are still a couple that I haven’t tried.  

This past Tuesday evening, I took Let Go (yin yoga) with Jackie.  Jackie is such a kind and amazing instructor.  (Everyone at Happy Hour is amazing).  Let Go is perfect for anyone.  I have a disc issue in my back and Let Go feels great with all of the stretches and holding poses.  I would encourage anyone to try that class.  Even if you’ve never done yoga, you could 100% do Let Go.  It’s relaxing, it’s quiet, it feels wonderful.  

I have been going to Happy Hour (and Happy Hour at Home) off and on for 3 months.  Take away the 2.5 weeks where I sprained my ankle and the time I traveled for Thanksgiving…but for the better part of 3 months, I have been consistently going to Happy Hour.   The scale hasn’t moved (which is my own fault because until very recently, I was still eating all of the wrong foods).  I have gained stillness, gratitude, flexibility and friends which in my opinion is way better than losing a couple of pounds.   I look forward to continuing my journey in the New Year.  

I wish you all love, peace, health, happiness and yoga this holiday season. 

“Since coming to Happy Hour, my mood has changed for the better!”

I took Tracy’s reformer class today and once last week.  I’m sore.  Not sore like “holy cow I can’t walk down the stairs”. I’m sore like “oh maybe I have muscles there after all”.  It’s a good sore.  Her class is a phenomenal workout.  The hour goes by so fast!  

Sunday, I practiced with Nancy in Bhakti yoga.  I love that class so much.  I leave feeling amazing.  I feel happy, blessed and peaceful.   

Monday I tried Let Go More which was incredible.  Stretching and holding poses on the reformer felt wonderful.  It was relaxing and I left the studio taller.  Ok, maybe not that last part but I did feel so great afterwards.   

Since I’ve started coming to Happy Hour (and Happy Hour at Home), my mood has changed for the better. This year is kind of meh for everyone but I’ve been feeling so much better emotionally lately.  My eating habits have improved and I have more energy.  I love going to Happy Hour and I just can’t wait for my next class.  Everyone is so kind, so supportive.  It’s great to find a community of happiness, like minded people who truly care about each other.  

I’m super excited for Thursday with DJ Taz, that’s going to be so awesome.  I’m signed up for Nidra afterwards.  It’ll be like a yoga-thon in my house!   

Sarah 😃

Sarah Loves Happy Hour

I am in love with Happy Hour Yoga.  I mean it.  I love everything about this place.  I love Nancy, she is super awesome and one of the kindest people I have ever met.  I love the instructors, they are all absolutely amazing.  I love the studio itself because it’s such a beautiful and calming space.  I love the people I’ve met in class because everyone is friendly, polite, kind and amazing.  I am absolutely 100% in love.  Going to classes at Happy Hour has seriously improved my mood as well as my flexibility.  I feel energized after I’ve gone to class and I cannot wait to go back for the next.  Right now, I feel like there is very little to look forward to anymore.  I’m being completely honest here.  Every single day is the same and I was in a rut like most people are right now.  Going to yoga, barre and reformer classes have made me a much happier person and has changed my outlook to a much more positive one.  

This past week I took Donna’s reformer class for the third time.  This class is a challenge each time and I mean that in the most incredible way.  I love reformer.  I was a bit intimidated at first but it’s becoming one of my favorites for sure.  It’s a great core workout and such a wonderful stretch at the same time.  If you haven’t tried reformer yet, please give it a go.  I think you will really enjoy it.  I’m obsessed.    

Starting today, I am taking advantage of the Happy Hour at Home classes.  My son played backyard football last weekend with a friend of his who unfortunately tested positive for Covid this past Friday.  My son hadn’t been in close contact with this friend for at least 5 days prior to his symptoms starting but to be safe, we are keeping our distance.  My son feels fine, we all feel fine.   This morning, I did Bhakti yoga at home following along on Facebook live.  I found a quiet place in the house and put in my headphones so I wouldn’t be distracted by anyone or anything.  I really enjoyed my practice and felt so full of gratitude afterwards.  It was an amazing start to my day.   I would encourage anyone who cannot be in person at the studio to sign up for Happy Hour at Home right now.  There are a ton of recorded classes in the private Facebook group as well as live classes that you can participate in.  I’m so grateful that Nancy has made this option available.  
Stay well everyone.  

Sarah’s back at Happy Hour! Let Go and Barre!

I’m back taking classes at Happy Hour Yoga after a brief unintentional hiatus.  Back in October, I was sweeping those tiny fake ladybugs off of my front porch and as I took a step back, my ankle gave out and I fell backwards off the stoop in to the bushes.  It’s as hilarious as you’re imagining and yes, I even yelled as I fell.  Well, it hurt quite a bit and even required a trip to the hospital.  My ankle was very swollen and I could not move my toes at all.  After a couple of days on crutches and 2 weeks in a “Robocop” boot, I got the all clear to return to my normal activities. Of course, the front porch is not getting swept again for a while.  
So, on Sunday, November 1, I tried “Let Go” class for the first time.  It was awesome!   It was peaceful, quiet and I felt great afterwards. We held each pose for a few breaths and it was an amazing stretch.  I am really looking forward to taking this class again.  I would encourage anyone to try this one no matter what level of ability.  It’s very relaxing and I think we all need more of that in our life.  
Thursday I took Barre Intensity with Gloriann once again.   I took that class the morning of my “oops” and let me tell you, I was sore the days following and normally it would feel amazing, however, being sore on crutches is not the easiest.   Today’s class we started on the barre and ended on our mats.  We worked several muscles.  Barre was intimidating before I took it but I think this is one that I could become addicted to.  
Every single person that I have met so far has been incredibly kind and supportive.  What a wonderful group of people to be around. 
I’m going to try reformer again this week and then Bhakti and Prayer Yin are on deck for early next week. 
Please join me in a class.  Put your mat next to mine!  Be my yoga buddy.  



On Sunday morning, I tried my first Bhakti yoga class.  Before class, we all wrote down names of anyone in need of our prayers.  Near the end of class, Nancy read those names and everyone offered positivity and light in to the universe for those names listed.  It was lovely and amazing.  The class itself was incredible and uplifting.  I’m not going to pretend to speak yogi just yet but basically,  we were guided through poses in a warm, cozy studio.  I surprisingly did not fall behind or fall on my behind.  Everyone was so kind and filled with gratitude, it was an amazing start to my day.  I really cannot wait to take this class again.   Nancy said in class “get better every day in every way” which really hit home.  I am trying to improve myself and lose the weight I’ve put on over the last 18 months.  I need to remember that every little thing I do will add up to something great.  Changing my body and my outlook a little bit at a time.  A little bit every day.  Thank you Nancy.  

On Tuesday and I tried Barre Intensity. The name was a little scary and I was worried on my drive over.  I walked in to the studio and once again, was greeted by some wonderful ladies.  I told Gloriann, the instructor, that it was my first time. She smiled and said that I would be okay…but then told me to “grab an orbit”.  What is an orbit?  Remember those scooter thingys in gym class?  That’s an orbit.  We used the orbit for a few exercises which was actually more fun that I expected.  It was a little tough but I made it through.  After the orbit, she said “ok, let’s head to the bar”.  YAY.  Oh wait, she meant the barre… on the wall.  Oh.  THAT barre.  We held on to the barre for lots of leg work and then used light weights to incorporate arms in to the mix.   When the music changed songs and it got quiet, I apologized to the class for my grunting and heavy breathing.  These ladies were all so welcoming and nice, they helped me find my weights and orbit and the start of class and offered me a disinfectant wipe after class to clean up.   Barre Intensity is definitely a great workout.  The word intensity sounds frightening but it’s really not.  After class, I was shaking a little and when I stopped at a red light, I could feel my leg quaking while holding down the brake peddle.  That is a satisfying feeling and proof that it is a fantastic workout.   Gloriann was the bright and smiling face that I needed this morning to start my day.  Her class was awesome.