I was nervous

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the environment you’ve created at Happy Hour Yoga.

I started yoga earlier in the year, because I am a middle aged larger woman, I felt very self conscious about attending yoga classes so I started practicing at home. I was surprised at how quickly I saw changes in my flexibility and a reduction in joint pain. However, after months of doing yoga on my own I found I was getting stuck in my routine and was losing momentum. A good friend raved about your studio so last week when you were offering free classes I decided to give group classes a try.  Although I was nervous, from the moment I arrived everyone was so friendly and welcoming.  I loved that the instructors gave options for many of the poses so everyone in the class could find something that was within their ability. I found that I was challenged without feeling discouraged. I now look forward to attending classes at Happy Hour Yoga and look forward to progressing further in my yoga practice.  Thank you for creating such a positive, safe environment where people of all ages, sizes and skill levels can practice yoga without the fear of judgement. You have made a place where all of us can enjoy the benefits of yoga!


Leslie Woolever

P.s.  Love the lavender spray on the towels and the foot massages at the end of Let Go Yoga!!