Sarah gets a birthday cake in warm slow yoga! she lets go, then lets go more!

Written by Sarah on January 26th, 2021

In the past week, I have only been to Happy Hour a couple of times.  On January 21, I took Warm Slow & Let Go.  I loved so many things about that class.  There’s always amazing, positive energy in every class at Happy Hour but this one was especially awesome because it was my birthday.  Nancy made me a birthday cake out of a yoga block and tealights and then everyone sang to me at the end of class.  It made this particular class even more awesome than usual.  I love Warm Slow & Let Go for many reasons.  The first is that it’s warm in the studio.  It’s not hot yoga, it’s warm.  I think it’s maybe 83 degrees at the hottest point.  It feels so incredible especially on a cold, blustery day.  I love that it’s slow yoga for the first half so we go through some sun salutations and poses but then the last 30 minutes is “Let Go” which is yin yoga.  I love yin because we hold stretchy poses and it feels wonderful.   

Right before my birthday, I took Let Go More on the reformer.  It’s like yin yoga on the reformer so you’re stretching and holding poses on the reformer machine.  It feels amazing.  The room is dim, the music is quiet, honestly it’d be easy to doze off at the end of class.  Jennifer subbed for Nancy for this class and I had not met her yet.  I really enjoyed her style and look forward to taking a reformer class with her someday soon.

I’m absolutely loving the online beginner yoga class that Nancy is teaching.  We are in the home stretch now.  We’ve learned about meditation, we’ve learned about logs (which honestly I thought was going to be like a journal…LOL)  Coming up soon we have Fast yoga, Nidra and Let Go and then an in person class at the end of the month.  I’ve taken classes at Happy Hour but I wish I could be there for this in person class with this group because it would be so magical to be there together with everyone from the group.  I’m having back surgery so that will prevent me from coming in person.  I love that Nancy has done this beginner class and taken the time every day to teach something new so that maybe a few people who were a little afraid of taking a yoga class will now feel more comfortable about going.  I know that yoga has done so much for me and I hope other people feel the same way. 

I also am going to sign up for the cleanse with Vicki that starts on February 1st. (There’s another one starting in March. join here)  I’m kicking myself for not doing it in January when Nancy first did it.  I was afraid of the word “cleanse”.  After hearing Nancy talk about it, I think it sounds like something I could do!  I would love to lose a few pounds while I’m recovering from my surgery instead of gaining 10 more while I sit around.  

My next entry will be post surgery.  Here’s hoping it helps relieve my back pain so I can get back to doing more yoga!! 
Stay well,Sarah 

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