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Let Go yoga is one of my favorite classes at the studio.  I love everything about it…I love the way the studio feels during a Let Go class, I love teaching it, I love what people have to say when it’s over, and I love that’s it’s FREE to people who NEED it.  Our Let Go class is yin yoga, with an extra boost of relaxation.  It’s yin yoga on qualudes.  Yes, I said “qualudes”…that’s what us old people used to call “downers.”  The “Qualude Dude” used to walk the streets of Dundee back in the 80’s…some chill guy who just roamed around town, not givin a …

IMG_7511Anyway:  Let Go yoga is perfect for everyone.  Everyone!  Whether you run marathons, or haven’t worked out in years.  Whether you’re a construction worker, a golfer, a couch potato, or you’re at a desk all day long.  Whether you’re as healthy as an ox, or you’re suffering from a physical or mental ailment.  It helps EVERYONE.

You’ll feel immediately relaxed, just walking in the room.  We have thick cushions specifically for Let Go.  The warm room is filled with candles and soft lighting, soft music plays, you’re given a blanket and blocks and our famous “smelly towels”…towels spritzed with lavender to help relax you more.  You don’t need to bring anything at all.  We provide it for you…even water.  You’re welcome to bring your own props and your own mat if you’d like, but it isn’t necessary.  Just come in comfy clothing, or bring some with you to change into before class.

Let Go is simply IMG_9462a class of stretching.  There is very little, and usually NO physical exertion at all.  We find our way into a relaxed pose and hold it for minutes at a time.  And each pose is a meditation.  We find stillness in the body and stillness in the mind.  It’s a break from thought… a mini vacation from your hectic life.  Everyone should stretch, every day!  If you ask me, the benefits of stretching far outweigh the benefits of working out!   Did you know, simply being stressed out can cause weight gain?  It’s true.  Once in a yoga class taught by Johnny Kest he explained to us that three groups of people were given three different activities to follow.  Two were physically challenging, and one was yin yoga.  He explained that, after some time, the yin yoga group lost the most weight because they learned to de-stress, and in turn, ate less and lost weight!  I don’t think people realize the value of stretching.

The number one reason I hear people use for NOT doing yoga is “I’m not flexible.”  Yes, I believe you.  You’re not.  But that’s WHY you come to yoga!  That is arguably the number one physical reasons to go to a yoga class!  Remember in high school, when you had to take that stretching test?  You put your feet on the box and then you’d fold forward with one hand stacked on the other hand, and you’d see which number you could reach?  ‘Member that one?  Well I do!  And I couldn’t even touch the blasted piece of wood!  I couldn’t touch my toes until about a year after starting yoga.  I was the most unflexible person in the world.  I should have called Guinness and gotten in the book!  Now, BECAUSE of yoga, I can touch my toes!  And you will be able to too!  You were not born with extra short hamstrings like I claimed to be.  You just need to stretch!


I’ve made Let Go FREE at Happy Hour to people who are currently undergoing cancer treatment.  Yup…free!  That’s how strongly I believe in this class.  Some people just NEED to be there!  I know it helps calm a worried mind and heal a hurting body.  There is no doubt in my mind, it’s good for you.  If there are some poses that you can’t do because they’re painful for your body (maybe from surgery or a port), skip that pose.  Just lay there…breath.  Give yourself a break and some quiet space to rest.  If you did nothing the entire hour but lay on your mat, you’d benefit.  If you’re going through radiation or chemotherapy sign up for the class and type CANCERSUCKS as the promo code, and you’re in for free.  If you know someone who could use this, bring them.  Do this with them.  We have someone at the studio who started coming because of the free Let Go class.  She’s cancer free now (so happy!) and still comes to the studio every day.  I know she’d love to talk to you if you’re debating whether or not to come.  Send me an email at nancy@happyhour.yoga and I’ll connect you with her.


We also offer Let Go More…it’s Let Go on the reformer.  It’s stretchier then Let Go.  You have the springs of the reformer giving you a little extra pull, but still allowing you to relax.  This one isn’t offered for free, because it’s a little more intense.  Let Go is a great place to start, and Let Go More is a step up a notch.  Both are wonderful.

So in our Let Go classes we let go of all physical tension in our bodies in order to stretch the connective tissue and fascia.  We let go of all that chatter in our minds by focusing on breathing.  And you have an opportunity in every class to let go of something else.  What is it that YOU hold onto in your life that’s holding you back from being as happy as you can be?  Worry, fear, anger, guilt, control, self doubt?  You’re given the time to start to release that at Happy Hour.  Maybe on your first visit you let go of some regret for two minutes.  Maybe the next time it’s three minutes.  Maybe you learn to start to let it go a little bit every day, on your own.  Every day you let it go a little more, until you learn to let it all go for good.  It feels good to “let that shit go”…put it down…walk away from it.  You don’t need it anymore…let go.

So check out our schedule and chose one of our Let Go classes.  We offer it in the afternoons, and in the evenings.  Your first class at Happy Hour is always free.  We would love for you to come at LET GO with us.


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  1. Love your Let Go classes! Perfect way to end a stressful day and set yourself up for a good sleep! I also notice improved flexible in my golf game. Thank you Happy Hour!

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