sarah takes beginner yoga and beginner pilates at happy hour!

Originally written on January 8th, 2021…

I have been going to yoga classes for a few years, off and on.  I never really learned much about it, I learned poses from watching others and remembered what they were called but if I was in a room by myself and someone told me what pose to do, I would have no idea what they were talking about.  On January 1, Nancy started a beginner yoga class group on Facebook.  I am so glad that I joined that group.  She has taught me so much in the past week.  I am looking forward to understanding more about the breathing, the poses and proper form.  We have learned about meditation, Sun Salutations and Yin Yoga so far. I am not a great sleeper and I am terrible at relaxing.  I’m not talking laying on the couch watching tv because I am a pro at that.  I am talking clearing my mind and truly letting go.  Nancy led us on a guided meditation the other night and I felt like I was floating, I was so relaxed.  During that meditation, my back didn’t hurt and my sciatic pain didn’t bother me.  It was absolutely amazing.   

This past week, I took Let Go and Flow on Thursday evening.  I was almost late for class and was in the front of the room.  A few months ago, being in the front would have given me terrible anxiety but this time, it was only minor anxiety and it only lasted a minute.  Once I was settled on my mat, I focused on my breath and closed my eyes.  That class was amazing.  Nancy’s calm voice and focusing on breathing made me forget that I was even in a room with other people.  During savasana, someone was snoring…it’s THAT good.  I’m telling you, every time I think I have a favorite class, I find another favorite.  

I’ve taken a couple of reformer classes this past week and am loving it.  I signed up for a beginner reformer class in January so I can learn more about the machine itself.  If you haven’t taken a reformer class, please don’t be intimidated by the equipment.  Sign up for a beginner class!   I am sorry that I didn’t try this one out much sooner.  You work your core, arms, legs, booty…..everything!   There are a couple of beginner classes on the schedule for January, I encourage you to give it a try.  

In the last week or so, I have been really paying attention to my food intake.  I’ve been eating more vegetables, lean meat and less carbs.  I’ve been paying close attention to the amount of water I drink daily.  I am pleased to say I’ve actually lost 2 pounds.  I am not setting a weight loss goal for myself because I find that to be stressful personally.  I am just taking it one day at a time.  I want to make healthy habits that stick with me even after my surgery at the end of the month when I won’t be able to exercise for a few weeks.  
Thank you Nancy for being a great teacher and let’s just add life coach to your title.  
Stay well everyone….Sarah 

Beginners Yoga on Facebook

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