Sarah’s New Year at Happy Hour Yoga

I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions.  I am terrible at sticking with them so I don’t typically even bother.  I think this year is different.  Clearly, 2020 has been a meh year for nearly everyone.  If you have had an amazing year, that’s awesome!  My resolutions for 2021 are the usual…eat better, get in shape, lose weight.  I am also adding to truly “invest in myself”.     I have been doing more yoga lately which has really made me feel better physically and has put me in a better place mentally.   I am super excited for the Happy Hour at Home Beginner Yoga classes starting in January.  I love yoga but there are some poses that I don’t know and some things that I still just don’t quite get.  I would love to fully understand the poses, the breathing, etc.  

I am having surgery on my lower back at the end of January (to fix a herniated disc) and I’m hopeful that once I’m healed from that, I can do more without pain and can kick my workouts in to high gear.  I don’t want to fall in to a slump while I’m healing where I eat a bunch of junk food and feel sorry for myself.  That is basically what I’ve done for most of this year already.  

I think that doing yoga regularly, eating better and getting my back fixed up (finally) will combine to make 2021 an amazing year.  I’m looking forward to feeling better and having more energy.   I am also a little giddy about the spin bike that my husband bought me for Christmas.  I’m hoping I can use it sometime before Summer.  

I’m happy to have made friends at Happy Hour that I know will help to motivate me and cheer me on during my journey and hope that I can do the same for them.  

Nancy, I truly appreciate you doing this beginner yoga “course”.  I’m really excited to learn more!!

Happy New Year everyone.  Cheers to a great year!!!  

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