On Sunday morning, I tried my first Bhakti yoga class.  Before class, we all wrote down names of anyone in need of our prayers.  Near the end of class, Nancy read those names and everyone offered positivity and light in to the universe for those names listed.  It was lovely and amazing.  The class itself was incredible and uplifting.  I’m not going to pretend to speak yogi just yet but basically,  we were guided through poses in a warm, cozy studio.  I surprisingly did not fall behind or fall on my behind.  Everyone was so kind and filled with gratitude, it was an amazing start to my day.  I really cannot wait to take this class again.   Nancy said in class “get better every day in every way” which really hit home.  I am trying to improve myself and lose the weight I’ve put on over the last 18 months.  I need to remember that every little thing I do will add up to something great.  Changing my body and my outlook a little bit at a time.  A little bit every day.  Thank you Nancy.  

On Tuesday and I tried Barre Intensity. The name was a little scary and I was worried on my drive over.  I walked in to the studio and once again, was greeted by some wonderful ladies.  I told Gloriann, the instructor, that it was my first time. She smiled and said that I would be okay…but then told me to “grab an orbit”.  What is an orbit?  Remember those scooter thingys in gym class?  That’s an orbit.  We used the orbit for a few exercises which was actually more fun that I expected.  It was a little tough but I made it through.  After the orbit, she said “ok, let’s head to the bar”.  YAY.  Oh wait, she meant the barre… on the wall.  Oh.  THAT barre.  We held on to the barre for lots of leg work and then used light weights to incorporate arms in to the mix.   When the music changed songs and it got quiet, I apologized to the class for my grunting and heavy breathing.  These ladies were all so welcoming and nice, they helped me find my weights and orbit and the start of class and offered me a disinfectant wipe after class to clean up.   Barre Intensity is definitely a great workout.  The word intensity sounds frightening but it’s really not.  After class, I was shaking a little and when I stopped at a red light, I could feel my leg quaking while holding down the brake peddle.  That is a satisfying feeling and proof that it is a fantastic workout.   Gloriann was the bright and smiling face that I needed this morning to start my day.  Her class was awesome.

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