Sarah’s back at Happy Hour! Let Go and Barre!

I’m back taking classes at Happy Hour Yoga after a brief unintentional hiatus.  Back in October, I was sweeping those tiny fake ladybugs off of my front porch and as I took a step back, my ankle gave out and I fell backwards off the stoop in to the bushes.  It’s as hilarious as you’re imagining and yes, I even yelled as I fell.  Well, it hurt quite a bit and even required a trip to the hospital.  My ankle was very swollen and I could not move my toes at all.  After a couple of days on crutches and 2 weeks in a “Robocop” boot, I got the all clear to return to my normal activities. Of course, the front porch is not getting swept again for a while.  
So, on Sunday, November 1, I tried “Let Go” class for the first time.  It was awesome!   It was peaceful, quiet and I felt great afterwards. We held each pose for a few breaths and it was an amazing stretch.  I am really looking forward to taking this class again.  I would encourage anyone to try this one no matter what level of ability.  It’s very relaxing and I think we all need more of that in our life.  
Thursday I took Barre Intensity with Gloriann once again.   I took that class the morning of my “oops” and let me tell you, I was sore the days following and normally it would feel amazing, however, being sore on crutches is not the easiest.   Today’s class we started on the barre and ended on our mats.  We worked several muscles.  Barre was intimidating before I took it but I think this is one that I could become addicted to.  
Every single person that I have met so far has been incredibly kind and supportive.  What a wonderful group of people to be around. 
I’m going to try reformer again this week and then Bhakti and Prayer Yin are on deck for early next week. 
Please join me in a class.  Put your mat next to mine!  Be my yoga buddy.  


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