“Since coming to Happy Hour, my mood has changed for the better!”

I took Tracy’s reformer class today and once last week.  I’m sore.  Not sore like “holy cow I can’t walk down the stairs”. I’m sore like “oh maybe I have muscles there after all”.  It’s a good sore.  Her class is a phenomenal workout.  The hour goes by so fast!  

Sunday, I practiced with Nancy in Bhakti yoga.  I love that class so much.  I leave feeling amazing.  I feel happy, blessed and peaceful.   

Monday I tried Let Go More which was incredible.  Stretching and holding poses on the reformer felt wonderful.  It was relaxing and I left the studio taller.  Ok, maybe not that last part but I did feel so great afterwards.   

Since I’ve started coming to Happy Hour (and Happy Hour at Home), my mood has changed for the better. This year is kind of meh for everyone but I’ve been feeling so much better emotionally lately.  My eating habits have improved and I have more energy.  I love going to Happy Hour and I just can’t wait for my next class.  Everyone is so kind, so supportive.  It’s great to find a community of happiness, like minded people who truly care about each other.  

I’m super excited for Thursday with DJ Taz, that’s going to be so awesome.  I’m signed up for Nidra afterwards.  It’ll be like a yoga-thon in my house!   

Sarah 😃

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