After 3 months of pilates and yoga, I’ve gained stillness, gratitude, flexibility and friends!

Did you practice with DJ Taz last week at Happy Hour at Home?  OMG I did.  His music was amazing!  Jen, Tara & Nancy were incredible.  I was home!  It was (almost) like being at the studio.  I have to admit that I did fall behind at one point but in my defense, my internet got wonky for a bit and everyone froze on my screen.  I refreshed and caught back up with everyone else.  It was a beautiful practice and even though I was alone in my room, it felt like I was right there beside everyone else in the class.   I am following DJ Taz on Spotify now and cannot wait until there’s another opportunity to listen to him in a yoga class.  Thank you Nancy for setting that up!  

After DJ Taz, I took Nancy’s Yoga Nidra class.  I had never tried Yoga Nidra before.  I loved it.  Nancy’s voice was so calming (but I did not doze off). I think that guided mediation is something that everyone needs and everyone should try.  If Nancy offers this class again, you should definitely sign up.  The holidays are super stressful and this year especially, everyone is a ball of nerves.  This practice would absolutely be beneficial to anyone.  

I also enjoyed Reformer and Bhakti which have definitely become favorites of mine.  I can’t really choose a favorite class at Happy Hour because I have loved every single one that I’ve taken.  Believe it or not, there are still a couple that I haven’t tried.  

This past Tuesday evening, I took Let Go (yin yoga) with Jackie.  Jackie is such a kind and amazing instructor.  (Everyone at Happy Hour is amazing).  Let Go is perfect for anyone.  I have a disc issue in my back and Let Go feels great with all of the stretches and holding poses.  I would encourage anyone to try that class.  Even if you’ve never done yoga, you could 100% do Let Go.  It’s relaxing, it’s quiet, it feels wonderful.  

I have been going to Happy Hour (and Happy Hour at Home) off and on for 3 months.  Take away the 2.5 weeks where I sprained my ankle and the time I traveled for Thanksgiving…but for the better part of 3 months, I have been consistently going to Happy Hour.   The scale hasn’t moved (which is my own fault because until very recently, I was still eating all of the wrong foods).  I have gained stillness, gratitude, flexibility and friends which in my opinion is way better than losing a couple of pounds.   I look forward to continuing my journey in the New Year.  

I wish you all love, peace, health, happiness and yoga this holiday season. 

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